Mission and vision


Clinics and hospital services in Foca provide health services at secondary and tertiary levels of health care to the population and represent learning base of the first cycle of medical and dental faculty, special education and faculty of health care. We represent part of the health care system of the Republic of Srpska and together with other institutions and organizations in the health sector we work on improvement of the general health of the population in the Republic of Srpska. Our institution aims are to provide the best medical care to the patient in accordance with world clinical practice with a maximum liability of our staff. In order to provide better and high quality health care we are guided by the highest professional and ethical standards and continuously strive for professional and technological progress.


Clinics and hospital services in Foca are institutions open for everyone which will constantly work on improvement of quality of health care and therefore on the improvement of the health situation of the population in the region.

We have conditions and in the future we will strive to become self-sufficient institution which will own the latest equipment and all other necessary conditions for providing of full health care. The modernization of our facilities as well as our educational institutions in the health care sector which represents teaching base will enable us to fully educate and refine our staff and in that manner keep the perspective in our hands.


The values to which we strive are dedication, quality of service, professionalism and responsibility, team work, complete respect of the personality of the patient, equality and fairness for all, trust and cooperation, professional development, transmission of knowledge, acceptance of new technologies and innovations, and personal creativity and dedication.


Foca 25/11/2008.

Prof.Veljko Maric,MD,PhD