About us

The University hospital in Foca has its primary and secondary, ancillary activity. The main activity of the University hospital in Foca is performing of specialized policlinic (Stationary) health care in all of the branches of medicine.

Complete secondary as well as tertiary health care is being provided and rendered on a high level. This is enabled by our staff and facility capacity as well as modern medical equipment which is at disposal to our institution.

Consultative and specialist health care is organized and performed daily in all branches of medicine. Stationary health care, both secondary and tertiary, is provided and rendered on a high level.

In achieving of its planned goals and objectives of the University hospital in Foca is also cooperation with the Faculty of medicine in Foca, located nearby our facilities. Connection in our work, mutual co-operation and co-ordination are on daily basis. Cooperation with other health institutions is also on a high level. This applies to all health centers, hospitals in the immediate and wider area, and also to clinic institutions in Serbia and Montenegro.

The core business of our institution includes education and training of our staff. Forms and types of education and training are diverse and its purpose is to raise the level of quality of medical treatments. Education and training is carried out through different forms and types such as: specialization and sub-specialization of doctors of medicine, education of students etc. Supporting activities are medical and other transportation necessary for unobstructed work, medical supplies, electric installation maintenance, painting, carpentry and plumbing, fixing and maintenance of vehicles, heating, preparation of food, laundry service, and also legal and accounting work for the institution.