Quality Policy

The University Hospital in Foca is a leading health institution in the Eastern part of the Republic of Srpska. The core business of this institution is providing of secondary and tertiary health protection of the population and maintenance of clinical instruction of the first cycle of the medical and dental faculty, special education and health care studies.

Definition and assessment of quality of our health institution is mainly in the domain of our patients, as well as competitive market which compares our efficiency to other institutions in the health sector. Clinics and hospital services in Foca have gained reputation as one of the most successful and the most organized health institutions in the Republic of Srpska and our pursuit is to justify our reputation by constant improvement, to keep the leading role in the health sector of our region, and to be competitive with other clinical centers in the sphere of education.

Development of the medical science, computer science and technology, as well as limited financial and human resources, compound our institution to follow, define and conduct reform, in accordance with internationally recognized standards of structures, processes, implementations and results. Internal aims of the institution are firmly related to improvement and fulfilling of legitimate expectations of the population, with professional and transparent conducting of our activities.

Improving of quality depends more on behavior than it depends on technology, therefore this institution is ruled by principles of openness, reliance, motivation, and determination as basis of culture of quality. The employees in our institution are obliged to perform their activities in a way which outcome will be seen through the content of our patients.

Clinics and hospital services in Foca follow global achievements in prevention and treating of diseases and tend to constant improvement of its services, through continuous education and informing of patients, professional staff and other health organizations. Our institution as well as its staff, has a professional obligation to work on scientific research for its own improvement and also to provide education of students of medical faculty, dental faculty, and special education studies and faculty of health care in Foca, the University of East Sarajevo, which are firmly connected to our institution so it has academic character.

All good practice in the institution is documented, in accordance and represents system of quality in line with international standards. The person responsible for the operation of the quality system is the coordinator of the quality of the institution.


Foca, 01/03/2009.

Prof.Veljko Maric,MD,PhD