Semikem d.o.o. donated device for ph value measuring

The objectives of MBL, aside from  high-quality diagnostics, are reflected through  improved services and quality, reducement of adverse events, waiting time minimizing and thus raising the level of patient satisfaction.

The manager of the Company Semikem d.o.o, diagnostics,desinfection,dermato-cosmetic,chemicals,equipment and accessories, Hasim Merdic donated device for measuring the ph value to the Service of microbiology of the University Hospital Foca.

Device description and use :

Ph-meter is device used to measure hydrogen – ion activity in solution at a given temperature.This process is performed with the use of measuring and reference electrodes placed directly in the sample.Depending on the type of electrodes, internal ph or surface ph values can be measured.

In the Service of microbiology, ph-meter and appropriate electrodes are used to measure ph culture media and reagents,ph samples,initial dilution,etc.

The University Hospital Foca is very grateful because Semikem Company recognized the quality of this institution and its professionals.