The Faculty of Medicine introduces Doctoral Studies

Studying on the third cycle of biomedical sciences will begin in the next academic year at the Faculty of Medicine, the University of East Sarajevo in Foca.The studies are licensed by the relevant ministry.The competition for the first candidates will be announced until October.

The Faculty of Medicine, the University of East Sarajevo, with its personnel, technical equipment and four study programs: Medicine, Dentistry, Special Education and Rehabilitation and Health Care, precedes compared to many other members of the University of East Sarajevo. This nursery of knowledge makes new breakthroughs in the field of scientific research and organization studies. One of them is the introduction of doctoral studies from the next academic year.

“We are finalizing preparations for the organization of doctoral studies. These studies are very important to us as the Faculty, because we educate our future staff and recognized experts out of those candidates. This year we decided to admit eight candidates at the third cycle of studies, three of whom are foreign citizens. The objective is that with the first generation we put this cycle on a limb, and next year we might increase the enrollment quota,” said Milan Kulic, dean of the Faculty of Medicine in East Sarajevo.

Price for the third cycle of studies for one academic year will be three thousand marks. Future candidates, during the three years of doctoral studies, will have modern teaching conditions and excellent teachers.

“We decided that the Coordinator of Doctoral studies will be world-renowned academician Miodrag Colic, a professor from Belgrade, who has incredible references. It is very important for us, because we care about the quality conditions of teaching”,  Kulic said.

Launching the highest level of study and thanks to previously achieved results, the Faculty of Medicine in Foca will be on the level of the most prestigious faculties of Medicine in BiH, Serbia, even the one in Heidelberg, Germany, with which we have a long-term cooperation.