Patients from all over Republic of Srpska have confidence in University hospital Foca

University Hospital Foca monitors worldwide developments in the prevention and treatment of diseases and seeks continuous improvement of its services. Our institution, as well as its professional staff,  is engaged in scientific research, both for personal development and for education of students of Faculty of Medicine, which is a part of the University of East Sarajevo.

This health institution with an annual budget of around 15 million marks, through projects of republic ministries, cross-border cooperation projects (such as the project ,, Together for Health “, implemented with the General Hospital Bijelo Polje), as well as its own investments in the future period will further improve the conditions for stay of patients, but also for the work of medical staff.

The values ​​that we strive for are: dedication, quality of service, professionalism and accountability, teamwork, respect for the patient’s personality, equality and fairness for all, trust and cooperation, transfer of knowledge, acceptance of new technologies and innovation and personal creativity and dedication. These are just some of the reasons for confidence of hundreds of patients from all over the Republic of Srpska who are coming to be treated in our hospital, which annually treats about 12 000 patients from all over the Republic of Srpska.

Patients who are treated are satisfied with the services and staff. Among them are patients from Bileca, Rogatica, Zvornik.

”Pleasant treatment that I recived here I really did not expect. I was sick in Ottawa, Canada, and I went for treatment in the VMA, but in both places the services are very expensive, and that is why I came here. I could have been  treated in Trebinje, but they did not have the  equipment like here in the hospital Foca. It is the main  reason that I am not in Trebinje”,said Nedeljko Hilda, who is currently treated at the Center for Internal Medicine, in the University hospital Foca.

”The service is excellent here, everything is in perfect order”, says Ljiljenko Marjanovic from Rogatica.

”I have nothing to complain about. Food, accommodation, staff, everything is good. The recovery is going really good,” says the patient Rada Marceta from Bratunac.

University hospital Foca has grown into one of the finest health care institutions in Herzegovina and beyond. We have recently enriched the hospital with a new modern hemodialysis center and hyperbaric chamber. About the plans in the future director of the University hospital in Foca Veljko Maric says:

”We started working on project of construction of Stroke Unit, which will consist of two ultrasounds, two monitors and accessories. The other important project is the expansion and upgrade of the operating block above the operating room, which is dictated to us by the everyday needs and the influx of patients from all sides”, Maric said.

Through the cross-border project with Montenegro ”Together for health”, the University hospital will streamline the equipment for gastroenterology, while through the energy efficiency project of the Ministry of Ecology, Construction and Regional Planning the hospital will receive new biomass-fired boiler, renovate the facade and windows:

”With this project we will cover the central building, replace all the windows, we will get new boilers, and it is the largest investment of around two million marks. The new hemodialysis center will attract patients from other municipalities and cities. We also have to work on the idea that both patients and students in Foca get the MRI”, Maric said.

Director of the University hospital Foca sent an appeal to the Government of the Republic of Srpska and line ministries to ensure angio room for University hospital, through a long-promised project ” Korea 3 “.