Symposium ”Chronic kidney diseases” was held

On June 26th, 2015, at 6 p.m. at the amphitheater of the Faculty of Medicine in Foca was held Symposium of the Society of Medical Doctors, subsidiary Foca, with selected topics in nephrology called ”Chronic kidney diseases in the Republic of Srpska”.

The Symposium attended guests from Belgrade, Banja Luka, Samac, Bijeljina, Zvornik, Trebinje, East Sarajevo.

Head of department of nephrology of UH CC Banja Luka Vlastimir Vlatkovic said that kidney disease, due to lack of symptoms, was revealed mostly in advanced stage, when kidney transplantation or dialysis are the only remained solution. Unlike neighboring countries, the Republic of Srpska has mostly privatized centers for hemodialysis. Of eleven hemodialysis centers, nine are in public-private ownership. Two hemodialysis centers are within the University hospital Foca and hospital in Trebinje. The centers provide modern services and therapeutic endeavors.

Professor of the Faculty of Medicine in Nis, Ljubica Djukanovic pointed out that primary health care has a major role in the early detection of kidney disease. She stated the tasks of the family physicians: ”The main thing is prevention of development of kidney disease. This is achieved by regulating of blood sugar and pressure. For elderly, sugar must be up to 7, while for younger people smaller, and pressure 130/80. The second task of family physician is to make regular checks, to see if some of kidney diseases appeared”, said Djukanovic.

The Republic of Srpska is located in a geographic area that has increased risk for emergence of kidney diseases, as worned by physicians. As the only way of preventing they recommend a healthy lifestyle-regular and varied diet, sufficient exercise, regular control of blood pressure, diabetes and at least one control of blood tests and urine tests per year.

The aim of the meeting was to present the problem of chronic kidney diseases in the Republic of Srpska, as well as methods of treatment of terminal kidney failure in RS. Nephrology in RS has experienced a significant success in recent years, crowned by beginning of transplantations in Banja Luka.

One of the most common causes of kidney diseases in population in RS is endemic nephropathy, the subject of numerous medical researches. The Faculty of Medicine Foca performed one research.

”Disease is mysterious because the reason of the disease was not known for a long period of time. Today, the disease is linked to intoxication so-called aristolochic acid. I hope that the Faculty of Medicine, together with colleagues in Bijeljina, will continue to work on the research of endemic nephropathy”, said Assistant of the Faculty and nephrologist mr sc. med. Marijana Kovacevic.

An excellent cooperation of UB CC Banja Luka and UB Foca was highlighted in the Symposium.Contribution of the Faculty of Medicine in Foca in research of endemic nephropathy, initiated by a distinguished professor Djukanovic from Belgrade, was presented.

The participants of researches are assistants and students of the Faculty of Medicine in Foca, physicians and medical technicians of UB Foca hospital, Community-health center Bijeljina and HC Bijeljina.

Gathering of colleagues continued the next day at Rafting Center Bastasi.